The Adventure of Moïse and the Animals

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Based on a true story, this is a tale of a boy whose passion and love for animals makes him treat them as his friends. Little Moïse was going to celebrate his fifth birthday and, just like his birthday every year before, his entire family was involved in preparing big elaborate gifts to surprise him. This year, his birthday was very unique and unusual because on his celebration night, Moïse’s elder sister gave him a wonderful birthday gift: She offered him an extraordinarily funny account of “the Jungleman and his encounter with the green Snake, the lucky Frog, the lost Lion and the frightened Zebra.”

This tale inspired Moïse to dream of his upcoming summer holiday trip to Africa. Little Moïse and his siblings decided to travel to Africa to visit their father. There, they had an adventure and experienced life differently than the usual Canadian culture, environment, people, animal and nature. They saw animals in a zoo and Moïse’s extreme love for animals grew. He also became attached to the wild animals that he encountered and experienced with his family on their adventure in Africa. Moïse and his family had a good visit until one evening, close to the end of their trip, when Moïse befriended an animal that may not want to be his friend.

childrens chapter book; animals; nature
Critical and Reflective Thinking, Personal and Social responsibility

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