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Sizzling Summer Update

We know it’s been a minute since we last caught up, but rest assured, our silence has been the result of some thrilling work simmering away. 

📱 Cross Roads App 📱

Angela Ma Brown and Nova Weipert have been co-facilitating Cross Roads workshops with schools across Metro Vancouver with great success!

As we wrap up beta testing, we are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Many Hats to develop Cross Roads into a mobile App for greater accessibility. Keep an eye on our Instagram as we get ready for the Cross Roads app launch this fall! 

💬 Empathy Expedition 💬

🎤 We believe that change begins with understanding, and what better way to foster understanding than by delving into authentic conversations with people from all walks of life?

✨ Imagine this: Neffy, the incredible voice behind Imani in Cross Roads, stepping out into the world, parks included, to have some real talk with our neighbours.

We’re excited to share clips from these conversations with you very soon. 

🎉  Staff Spotlight  🎉

We’re excited to welcome three new AMES team members. Tei Taiyari and Safiya Carroll-Labelle are joining AMES, and project partner Institute For Multidisciplinary Ecological Research In The Salish Sea (IMERSS), on a series of interconnected ecocultural projects that centre and amplify the wisdom of Indigenous knowledge holders in the Salish Sea region. Sahand Mohajer, our new Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, will be helping to spread the word about Cross Roads and the other exciting projects AMES has on the go.

Tei is a passionate and committed student of life, inspired by the wild, wily wisdom of our beautiful Earth. He has spent many years studying the interrelated realms of psychology, anthropology, and ecology, attempting to find a meaningful ontological through-line to follow into the future. These days he is primarily involved with counsel work, humbly sharing therapeutic conversations and containers with individuals and groups. Any opportunity to gather and share stories from the heart is counted as a blessing.

Safiya is a multidisciplinary artist and musician, student of plants, and a multimedia creative who is passionate about visual storytelling through videography, photography, and design. A curiosity of hers lies in exploring the relationship between human creativity and wonder, and the wild resilience of our Earth. Safiya has a deep love for weaving vibrant threads of connection by creating artistic spaces to share and amplify the gifts and stories of community. She is forever inspired by the profound beauty of the Salish Sea bioregion that she is blessed to call home.

Sahand is a filmmaker, artist, and instructor. With an aesthetic sensibility that oscillates between conventional and experimental beauty, Sahand views artmaking as a balancing act between the subjective and the systematic. Sahand collaborates with impactful organizations, helping tell their stories and connect with their communities. His documentary and narrative films have been exhibited at Art Toronto, the Museum of Vancouver, and VIVO.

🎉 Support Youth-Led Change 🎉

AMES is a registered charity run by a small group of dedicated staff and core collaborators, guided by a Board of Directors composed of educators, artists, activists, community workers, students, and filmmakers.

Our journey spans over 26 remarkable years, a testament to our unwavering commitment. We’re grateful for the contributions of our funders, whose generous support has helped set our sails and bring the transformative programs we envision to life.

Here’s where you come in. Your belief in our mission has the power to shape our path. Please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Why choose monthly giving, you ask? By creating a more steady stream of support, you provide us with the foundation to dream bigger, plan better, and ignite lasting change. Your generosity becomes the cornerstone upon which we build futures.

Not ready to commit to the tides of monthly giving just yet? No worries! We’re always receptive to the gift of one-time donations that enrich our cause.

Thank you for helping uplift the next generation of creative change-makers!

For more information on AMES’s history click here

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