This toolkit has been designed to assist you in reflecting upon your classroom culture, course material, and practices through an Anti-Racist/Equity lens.  It will also help you consider areas for growth that might contribute to your development as an inclusive educator, and inform your anti-racism goal setting for the year ahead.

As you respond to the questions and information in this kit, try to notice, and get curious about your internal reactions (Where are you feeling tension? What kind of thoughts are popping up?). Consider journaling about them over the next few days. Your mind chatter, and physical responses provide vital clues about where you might be harbouring inherited prejudices, and conditioned mindsets that may not align with your expressed values. Remember: you’re not alone. Everyone has implicit biases, but these entrenched attitudes and behaviours can’t be disrupted until you summon the courage to take stock of them and their origins.

Please answer reflection questions above [press the ‘START reflecting NOW‘ button] with reference to  your last school year.

The system will NOT save your responses—they are for your eyes ONLY.  At the end of the process you will have the option of downloading the Goal Setting section of this document.

Note: For the sake of brevity, consistency and some variety, we will use the terms ‘racialized’ and IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People Of Colour) interchangeably throughout this toolkit. We recognize the limits of collapsing the specificities of different cultures and experiences of racism (and other intersecting inequities) by using all-encompassing words and acronyms like these. The nuances and debates about different terminology can add a lot to our self-reflection and dialogue with others about the impact of words as we work to better describe and understand on and others experiences! 

Learning Zone: Get Curious

Commitment Zone: Set Goals

Congratulations for having the courage to do this deep and essential work!

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