use media production, peer-facilitation and courageous conversations
to engage youth in creative and critical reflection about issues affecting their lives.

ChARTing Change

ChARTing Change showcases the stories, visions, and perspectives of youth, and highlights the important role the arts can play in envisioning and enacting better futures.

Digital Forage: Gathering the Wisdom of Island Elder

Digital Forage: Gathering the Wisdom of Island Elders is an intergenerational digital storytelling and media mentorship project that involves the reciprocal sharing of knowledge between artists, elders, and youth living in and around the Salish Sea. This program uses technology as a bridge between generations and ways of life in an attempt to help preserve essential knowledge that is in danger of being lost.


Storytelling is at the heart of HumanEYES, an intergenerational school-centred, arts-based initiative that celebrates the diverse life experience of young people in BC classrooms. Over the course of several workshops led by emerging artists and storytellers, students explore, integrate, and creatively embody the values of inclusion and diversity.

Past Programs

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Journalist – Former AMES participant

Peggy Lam

I think these programs are crucial because young people need the space to be heard, express themselves and let their potentials grow.


James Diamond

“Marginalization can make you feel like you’re alone, so it was cool to be in a program where you weren’t alone. Where you could be yourself, and be part of a community”

Instigator + Community Organizer, Former AMES participant

Hayley Sinclair

“Young people are activators and change-makers, and we need to constantly create spaces for them to lead and tell their stories…there’s still so many stories to tell”