Get ready to meet a few of the many awesome mentors of our upcoming #HerDigitalVisions program starting this week!

We are excited to announce the second phase of #HerDigitalVisions will be taking place at the end of this week at SFU Woodward’s. This time we are working with grade 8/9 female identified youth from the lower mainland and will be building short and ultra short films along with social media campaigns about what it means to be a girl in an online world.#HerDigitalVisions intends to have female identified youth learn how to navigate being online while maintaining a sense of healthy body image whilst keeping their power internal rather than founded in the approval of others both online and at school. #HerDigitalVisions is meant to aid young women in defining themselves rather than being defined by the inundation of online representations of “Femaleness” as well as to instil resilience as digital consumers.#HerDigitalVisions targets female identified youth but will eventually be expanded to enable all youth to grow as responsible and confident digital citizens.

What does it mean to be a girl in an online world? Well, that’s what we are hoping to find out through the 12 participants’ digital and filmic creations to amplify their voice through various social media channels and platforms. Meet three of several mentors at the helm of this incredible program: Kim Villagante, Mutya Macatumpag and Tricia Collins.


Kim Villgante, aka Kimmortal, believes that #HerDigitalVisions will build a strong foundation for young girls as they navigate the online world. Participants can expect to gain skills in art making and media literacy. Kim will be sharing her skills in visual arts and spoken word poetry.

BIO: A multi-dimensional artist, Kimmortal is a rap-poet, singer-songwriter, actor, and visual artist. Born to first-generation Filipino immigrant parents and raised in Surrey BC, Kim watched her portrait artist father paint in her kitchen as a young baby. Kim eventually would pick up the pencil as she did the microphone performing at a young age. She released her debut album in 2014 included performing with a live orchestra and having hip hop dancers visually interpret her spoken word. In the past 3 years, Kim made her acting debut in the hip hop theatre production: “Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy Of” (Omari Newton) and was nominated “Outstanding Female Supporting Actress” (Montreal English Theatre Awards). This year, she represented Vancouver for Canadian Music Week 2015 (Toronto) and acted in a one woman play “Sister Mary’s A Dyke” for Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival. Kim is currently working on a project that combines her love for rap poetics and line drawing which is set to be released on her birthday in late fall of 2015.

triciaThoughts from Tricia Collins “Early on at my time at AMES, I wanted to take action in response to the impact online harassment had on the life/passing of Amanda Todd. I was already the Communications Coordinator and little did I know Deblekha Guin, AMES Executive Director and UBC Associate Professor Jenna Shapka had already been long in the works of creating an anti-cyberbullying intiative to build on Dr. Shapka’s CyberKids research at UBC. A quick symbiosis occurred and there has been monumental support from stakeholders and the community to do this work. So, that’s how it started.”

BIO: Tricia Collins is a producer, actress and screenwriter. As a woman of colour her work often explores diversity as well as magic realist worlds with an the manipulation of time. Tricia completed the Bell Media and WGC Diverse Screenwriter’s program, holds a Master of Arts from Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media and a BFA in contemporary theatre from SFU. She was a playwright and theatre producer at urban ink productions in Vancouver for 8 years. Tricia has helped produce numerous community-based and interactive projects including the Fathom Labs Highway (web platform for diverse and indigenous artists), (webmap for Climate Justice videos), and a multitude of script development programs for folks from marginalized communities.

mutyaMutya Macatumpag knows that #HerDigitalVisions will be a place for young girls to grow in their understanding of power social media has to affect others. She hopes that this program will transform its young female participants for the better.

BIO: Mutya Macatumpag is a multi-disciplinary and independent dance artist, actress, vocalist, choreographer and visual artist. She is also an instructor of a dance fusion called “Free Form Footwork” It is a fusion of Modern, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Contact Dance. Mutya is the Artistic Director, Promoter and Founder of Moonpulse Productions and coordinates Without Fear, an event that provides a comfortable and professional platform and performance space for artists of all genres to unleash their work and talents. In 2010 Mutya was seen hitting the stages in Montreal, Quebec, performing vocals with artist Clara Furey at the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal, and solo dance performances at the Perverse Cite Festival and the Montreal International Woman’s Conference. Mutya has also worked in several projects with Urban Ink including a one- week collaboration that culminated in a showcase with selected artists from across Canada, known as the The Arrivals Co-Lab or Personal Legacy Project. She is currently in Banff doing a Residency alongside Alanis Obamsawin and other fantastic female artists.