I am Like a Tree Series Bundle

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The TREE in this series is a metaphor for what we are calling your “Present Self”. Our belief, through personal experience, is that we as living beings have several emotional parts that make us a whole, our Present Self. Each of these parts though are not equal in their emotional experience, so at times, different situations for an individual can be strong while at other times not. Some experiences can keep us in a frozen stage of development without knowing this and we then respond to “like type” experiences in the same way as we did in the past. Our intention with these conversational stories in a reader’s theatre format is to provide a window into what emotional parts a person may use while having a conversation. The side margins tell all as each conversation unfolds indicating what parts of TREE the character is using. Some of these conversations are focused on the older individual trying to find a solution while the younger individual is providing support as best they can, as a solid TREE. Our intent is to imply that emotional learning is lifelong.

Indigenous healing and wellness
Personal and Social; Thinking

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