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An Intergenerational, School-centred, arts-based initiative.

Storytelling is at the heart of HumanEYES, an intergenerational school-centred, arts-based initiative that celebrates the diverse life experience of young people in BC classrooms. Over the course of several workshops led by emerging artists and storytellers, students explore, integrate, and creatively embody the values of inclusion and diversity.

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About HumanEYES Workshops

This transformational program begins with the gradual creation of open and safe spaces to hold courageous conversations about diversity within families and between classmates. The program then provides opportunities for students to creatively reflect upon these conversations and their respective ancestries by working with artists and facilitators to develop their artistic skills, and ultimately foster more connected communities through art-based intergenerational storytelling.

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Why HumanEYES?

HumanEYES offers an engaging, and creative model for intercultural and intergenerational empathy and relationship building that touches upon all three of the core competencies that the BC Ministry of Education identified as priorities: Communication, Critical Thinking and Personal Awareness, and Social Responsibility.

Over the course of 7 workshops (that range in length between 90 and 120 minutes), each participating class has the opportunity to gain basic tools to identify and challenge discriminatory and exclusionary practices, engage in a range of creative reflection exercises and participate in a class-wide creative collaboration that encourages intergenerational and intercultural storytelling and relationship building.