#HerDigitalVisions Launches YouTube Channel

Three girls in middle school are working at a table

Planning is key! Storyboards in progress for their videos.

How do we create digital media and spaces online that support girls in the digital world? This fall, AMES took on this question through the 4th edition of #HerDigitalVisions. In each round, #HerDigitalVisions has focused on giving self-identified girls the tools to be creative, think critically, and seek empowerment online. This November, we took on the challenge of starting a YouTube channel, which is now live and you can check it out here.

In only five weeks, ten girls ages 13-15 worked together to learn about the digital world, explore possibilities, and then create a YouTube video to share with the world. Working hard and working fast, participants took what we discussed —from how to debunk fake sites, to empowering women, to privacy and surveillance online — and used it as a starting point for creativity.

The participants were able to collaborate, problem solve, and create on the fly in only 5 after-school sessions, showcasing the potential to use the tools at hand to make something they are proud of.

Creating Our Digital Future

Youth starting a YouTube channel today often have an opportunity to jump in, get heard, and learn the basics of creation as they go. It’s a chance to make youth media, and create projects that represent their experiences, their identities and their values.

Two girls in middle school stand in front of a white board, one presenting the message that the other is writing on the board.

Hard at work on their video (see above)

Although many programs focus on what could go wrong online, #HerDigitalVisions embraces a focus on what could go right (and what could be better). We spend time developing digital instincts for what doesn’t feel right, from safety to reputation to privacy to misleading stories, but the program is always about preparing girls to create, advocate, and lead online.

Here at AMES, we want to make sure that the digital world is a positive place for girls—and any other folks who don’t historically thrive online. We need their voices to help shape our world—online and off. #HerDigitalVisions is part of creating that future by bringing together girls who can be part of the digital change.