Creative reflection allows a deeper understanding of the self. This is the mindfulness that flows from the pockets of our minds and onto a page. It requires a space that is free of guilt, shame, and judgement. These exercises are key tools in the journey of decolonization, realizing identity, absorbing intersectionality and embodying solidarity.

Through poetry, art, and all sorts of creativity, these reflections will emphasize the power of voice, while encouraging an elevated awareness of identity. It is an opportunity for participants to explore the ways in which they can be empowered to tell their own stories, reconnect with home, and remember the importance of joy. 

Creative reflections can be done in a variety of different ways. It could look like a free write where participants are encouraged to keep the pen on the page until time is up. This allows them to flush what lies on the surface, in order to see what could be underneath. This can also be more structured with writing prompts. From things that bring joy, to writing from the five senses, all prompts should present a beginning that the participant can choose to explore.

Give your group the time and space to create without expectations. The goal of creative reflections is to ultimately free the mind of any burden. To say what we want to say, and be received with care.

Click here to see some examples of free write exercises, or let our facilitators lead you in the videos below.