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Bringing Indigenous, Migrant & Refugee Youth together

DisPLACEment is a media arts production and outreach program that brings Indigenous, migrant + refugee youth together to make + share short videos that challenge biases, creatively explore changing ideas of home and belonging, and shine light on the systems behind stories of displacement.

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About DisPLACEment Workshops

Using a combination of media, storytelling, creative facilitation and interactive activities, these peer-facilitated workshops have been designed to foster intercultural understanding, inspire crucial and timely conversations about decolonization, and help enhance motivation for change.

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Why DisPLACEment?

Last fall, 21 migrant and Indigenous youth gathered on Galiano Island for the first of 3 intensive chapters in media making. While working with the guidance of community-based film mentors, the youth, most of whom had NO filmmaking experience, produced 8 powerful films about displacement, decolonization, and discrimination.


The facilitation team made up of Indigenous and Newcomer youth crafted workshops that highlight the issues each of the videos addresses, and are currently bringing these films and workshops to schools across the Lower Mainland.


The energy, momentum and connections forged during this program spawned many friendships, collaborations, and programming spin-offs.

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