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Digital Forage

Gathering the Wisdom of Island Elders

Digital Forage: Gathering the Wisdom of Island Elders is an intergenerational digital storytelling and media mentorship project that involves the reciprocal sharing of knowledge between artists, elders, and youth living in and around the Salish Sea. This program uses technology as a bridge between generations and ways of life in an attempt to help preserve essential knowledge that is in danger of being lost.

About Digital Forage Workshops

Over the course of this program, which took place on Galiano Island and Penelakut Island (formerly Kuper Island) since the fall of 2012, elders have shared specialized and seasoned knowledge of traditional foods, medicines, and foraging practices with youth. Through creative collaboration, artists have shared their knowledge of photography, digital storytelling, new media production which is beautifully preserved on the Salish Harvest website. This site features short videos and clips from the project participants, related recipes, traditional medicine resources and much more. 6 artists worked with over 30 youth and elders on the program to date.