Meet the team behind Crossroads

Image of Emma Drumheller - Game Developer

Emma Drumheller
Lead Developer

Minnie Tsai
Lead Developer

Image of Emma Drumheller - Game Developer

Red Buffalo Nova Weipert
Videographer & Sound Editor

Giselle Vriesen 

Ivy Edad

Alannah Rose Johnson
Graphic Artist

Angela Ma Brown
Educational Consultant

Cedar Bowers
Additional Writing Support

Preeti Dhaliwal
Additional Writing Support

Sara Kendall
Additional Writing Support

Luci So
Graphic Artist

Kathleen Flaherty
Voice Acting Coach & Dramaturgy

Heather Kelley
Educational Consultant

Charles Bates
Additional Sound Editor

Soft Chaos
Desktop Developers

Uy Pham

Taea Rattlesnake

Neffy Lubin

Gus Setala-Gay

Photo of a classroom with students sitting in chairs facing a facilitator and a projector screen. The facilitator is gesturing towards the screen displaying a presentation slide. The students, in casual clothing, appear to be attentively listening. The room has a green chalkboard in the background, a door to the left, and a black curtain partitioning off a section of the room.

Interested in a workshop?

Join other classes in using Crossroads to plant seeds of change through a peer-facilitated workshop.

Digital artwork from the Crossroads game featuring four characters standing side-by-side. From left to right: a young woman with dark brown skin and curly black hair in a yellow top; a young man with light brown skin and short dark hair wearing a navy hoodie; a character with light skin and curly yellow-tinted hair wearing glasses and a blue shirt with a pink bow tie; and a young woman with brown skin and red hair styled in a ponytail, adorned with beaded earrings, wearing a blue jacket with a smiley face pin. They are smiling and positioned in front of a backdrop with houses and cityscape in the distance.

Want to demo the game?

dip your toes into the game and marvel at its learning potential.

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