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Author: AMES

Designing Digital Storytelling Programs

During our initial research interviews, mentors and facilitators shared what they’d learned about Community Digital Storytelling (CDS), based on their years of experience. All of the program designs discussed here share characteristics with the first model we looked at: Working with Communities as a Filmmaker and Mentor.

How Mentors Support Community Co-Creation

Community Digital Storytelling grows out of our experiences in the world, shared as stories. Our strategy, as mentors developing new approaches to storytelling, is to create and hold open a receptive and welcoming space.

Emergence of Community Digital Storytelling (in this region and beyond)

WHAT is Community Digital Storytelling?

Participatory media, video ethnography, community-based production, place-based storytelling, community-located filmmaking

These are but a few of the many phrases that have been used over the years to describe the sector/movement/field that we’ll be calling Community Digital Storytelling (CDS) in this series of blog posts.