Anna Carries Water

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Young Anna lives in the Jamaican countryside where families have to carry water from the springs daily. Anna is excited to accompany her brothers and sisters as they complete this task each day; however, unlike her siblings, she cannot yet carry her water container on her head. Amid her fear of being chased by the neighbor’s cows as the family walks back and forth through the fields each day, and her determination to be just like her siblings, Anna perseveres. She soon learns to balance her water container on her head without spilling water, and realizes she does not need to be fearful of the cows. Laura James artistically highlights the beautiful Jamaican countryside with vibrant colors indicative of the Caribbean. National pride is enhanced with integration of the country’s flag and national bird, the Doctor Bird (swallow tail humming bird). The striking illustrations will enthrall young readers. Overall, this picture book evokes a nostalgic reminiscing of Jamaica.

Pciture book; Diversity; Carribean; Own Voices; Empowered girlhood
Personal and Social; Thinking

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