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Our programs engage youth in personally and socially transformative storytelling using digital media, artistic collaboration, and peer facilitation. 

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Digital artwork from the Crossroads game featuring four characters standing side-by-side. From left to right: a young woman with dark brown skin and curly black hair in a yellow top; a young man with light brown skin and short dark hair wearing a navy hoodie; a character with light skin and curly yellow-tinted hair wearing glasses and a blue shirt with a pink bow tie; and a young woman with brown skin and red hair styled in a ponytail, adorned with beaded earrings, wearing a blue jacket with a smiley face pin. They are smiling and positioned in front of a backdrop with houses and cityscape in the distance.

Crossroads Chronicles

Our latest interactive learning resource takes a creative approach to cultivating caring, inclusive, and accountable communities. 

AMES boosts the imaginations and skillsets of young digital activists and creative change-makers by providing them with unique opportunities to MAKE and SHARE meaningful media.

Our media-making intensives provide young people with open and supportive spaces to reflect on the issues affecting their lives, develop concrete skills, and produce creative work that prompts courageous conversations.

We know it’s been a minute since we last caught up, but rest assured, our silence has been the result of some …

In May, AMES selected the art awardees for the ChARTing Change Contest! See more about the six chosen below!

During our initial research interviews, mentors and facilitators shared what they’d learned about Community Digital Storytelling (CDS), based on their years of experience.

Community Digital Storytelling grows out of our experiences in the world, shared as stories. Our strategy, as mentors developing new approaches to storytelling, is to create and hold open a receptive and welcoming space.

Doing this work in community (when safer spaces are created and held) tends to accelerate the process of individual healing, but it also activates …

Trauma, illness and grief create frightening forests of pain, with unfamiliar roads? In such a context, listening to stories suggests myriad pathways …