We are very excited to announce that the SalishHarvest.com website is now up and running! Please visit our interactive website that celebrates wild and traditional foods in and around the Salish Sea.
Access to Media Education Society is proud to announce the live launch of the website SalishHarvest.com. We had an excellently attended launch at the South End Galiano Island Community Hall on Sunday March 25th. Elders and youth from Penelakut and Galiano Islands came together to enjoy a ‘wild food’ feast prepared by Alison Colwell, including some recipes featured in the “Wild Recipes” section of the site. After enjoying these wild delicacies attendees got a ‘taste’ of some of the short documentaries created during the program. These can also be seen on SalishHarvest.com.

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The site includes a host of photo galleries, video clips and book excerpts that explain the uses of a variety of edible and medicinal plants and medicines found in and around the Salish Sea. The library, organized by the categories of: ‘Wild Food’, ‘Wild Recipes’, ‘WIld Medicine’ and ‘Wild Ideas, features blog content, videos and photo galleries. Click on one category, such as Wild Food, and you will find an extensive list of specific local plants and foods that grow wild and free and that can be harvested for your nourishment. In the ‘Wild Recipes’ section of the library you will find numerous original recipes from Salal Dumplings to Nettle Crostini! Many of these recipes come from excellent locally published cookbooks, available for purchase. The site’s content is inspired by inter-island gatherings held between the fall of 2012 and the winter of 2013 that were recorded by local youth. This project was initiated by the Galiano Club in partnership with the H’ulh-etun Health Society and the Access to Media Education Society.

We hope to see this local resource EXPAND and encourage you to submit to us any stories, information, pictures or recipes about Wild Foods and Medicines found in and around the Salish Sea.