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#HerDigitalVisions supports girls in becoming digital citizens and leaders, in both on and off-line communities. Led by an accomplished group of woman-identified mentors and facilitators working in media and technology, #HerDigitalVisions uses digital play and media production to creatively and critically explore the virtual worlds we inhabit.

This free after-school program is offered to self-identified girls between the ages 13 to 15 and involves hands-on workshops that build the media literacy and digital skills needed to create, advocate and communicate online. Among the questions explored along the way are: How do we create and express ourselves? What does it mean to be part of a community online? How do we listen and get heard? How do we advocate for ourselves and others? What is ‘digital leadership’, and why does it matter?

#HerDigitalVisions is now accepting applications! Do you want to make a mark on the digital world? The Fall chapter of #HerDigitalVisions starts November 2, 2016 and runs every Wednesday in November. Be ready to make friends, learn, script, film, act, and edit video – but no experience necessary. Applications are due October 19th and applicants can expect to hear back no later than October 21st. Full information about the program is available below. 

Work + Process:

Take a look at some of the work program participants have created, and see pictures of the program in process.

Words from Participants + Mentors

I learned how to be safer online, and that apps can change the way you look in an instant. I also learned you sometimes need to go out of your comfort zone in order to learn something.


Each girl really had a moment where they built confidence and was brave with the group. Whether that was answering a question, standing in front of the group, saying something personal, or facilitating workshops with their peers.

Megan Ryland

#HerDigitalVisions Program Coordinator, AMES

#HerDigitalVisions builds a strong foundation for young girls as they navigate the online world.

Kim Villagante

#HerDigitalVisions Mentor/Facilitator, AMES

Program Coordinator

Megan Ryland

Megan is a pale prairie girl born in Winnipeg and raised in Calgary. She came to Vancouver to study at UBC and fell in love. Megan is a writer, facilitator, podcaster, former theatre geek, and is always seeking ways to learn new things and gain new skills. Currently, she is completing a Master of Arts degree in Educational Studies at UBC with a focus on media and digital literacy. She believes that being creative and being critical are two complimentary and necessary skills. As an advocate for media education, Megan is passionate about using media as a lens to express, understand, critique, reflect, and make change – whether you’re looking inward or outward. She is putting this enthusiasm into her role as Program Coordinator for #HerDigitalVisions 2016.

Past Facilitators

Kim Villagante • Tricia Collins • Mutya Macatumpag • Emily Gorham • Tahia Amed • Laurel Brown • Faith Wiepert • Lois Yap • Jennifer Sarkar • Robin Rivers • Anna Soole • Liana Rahman • Ayendri Perera • Rebekah Parker • Cindy Mochizuki • Sophia Dagher • Joah Lui • Carol Todd • Caroline MacGillivray • Safe Online

Workshop Details

hdv_workshopThis Fall, #HerDigitalVisions participants will work together to create a series of YouTube videos on the #HerDigitalVisions channel. This YouTube channel will use the content of each workshop as a launching point for creative and critical exploration. It will be up to participants to decide what that looks like.  

The program will run every Wednesday in November from 4-7pm, starting November 2, 2016. It will be held at the Broadway Youth Resource Centre, 2455 Fraser Street in Mt. Pleasant.

Each workshop session will include the essential elements of playing, learning and creating – often at the same time. Workshop Topics Include:

• Digital Storytelling and Media Literacy
• Power, Relationships, and Self-Advocacy
• Photoshop and What’s Real Online
• Internet 101, Privacy, and Consent
• Digital You and Identity Online

Each session we will provide a meal, equipment, space and mentors, but we count on participants to bring their enthusiasm and unique perspectives to the table. By learning together and working together, participants will create their vision of the digital world. Participants who complete the program will also receive a $75 honorarium for their work on the YouTube channel.

We welcome applications from all self-identified girls, including trans folks, ages 13-15. Please apply using the online form by Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Applicants will be notified via email by October 21, 2016. 

For more information about the program, check out our video or email herdigitalvisions [at] gmail.com.

A History of #HerDigitvalVisions

Since March 2015, thirty girls have participated in various chapters of #HerDigitalVisions. In the last chapter (February – June 2016) fifteen self-identified girls between the ages of 12 and 15 engaged in a total of 18 after school and weekend workshops. Each session featured an accomplished mentor to help build media and digital skills.

Over the course of the program participants learned how to make videos and memes, tap into critical thinking skills, and make space for girls online in a collaborative, open environment. Among the key areas covered between February and June 2016 were:

• Media + Identity
• Internet 101 + Digital Citizenship
• Film Planning, Production + Editing
• Social Media Campaign Development
• Photoshop + What’s Real Online
• Power + Relationships
• Coding + Game Making
• Facilitation Training
• Workshop Creation + Delivery



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