HumanEYES is an intergenerational arts-initiative that helps students creatively reflect on the diverse life experiences of their classmates. 

“I didn’t know that people had the same experiences as I did at home”


HumanEYES workshops engage young people in a range of activities that keep learning about intergenerational justice fun and accessible. From “Clay and Clay Maker,” that involves sculpting your partner into a piece of art, to games like “Definition Jeopardy,” which introduces students to key concepts to understand and challenge discrimination, HumanEYES programs have students reflect on their relationships with the elders that are important to them.

HumanEYES Strathcona 2

Friday was the last session of our HumanEYES program at Strathcona Elementary School and students had the opportunity to share the work they created over the past four sessions they had with our dynamic facilitators. Students were asked to work with an elder they wanted to get to know better and were asked to cook and discuss a dish and meal that held special meaning in their lives. Students then wrote down the recipes and created a “river of life” to represent important milestones in their elder’s life, sharing that with the class.




Students shared the great hardships that their relatives experienced in either immigrating to Canada or in getting to the stable and safe place they are in now.



My mom cooked this dish with me because it was the first dish that grandma taught her. Now that grandma has passed, every time she cooks this, she is reminded of grandma’s smile”

Strathcona Elementary School is the first of four classes to finish the HumanEYES program. Click here to learn more about the HumanEYES Program.