Digital Forage is a wild-food and plant-focused inter-generational digital storytelling program involving local artists, elders, and youth.

The latest chapter of the program hit the ground running at the beginning of 2015, and hasn’t stopped! So far we’ve held a series of media training sessions and plant-focused workshops with students from the Penelakut Island Elementary School (PIES) and the Galiano Community School.



The basic goal of the program? To help young people look at their natural surroundings through a more sensory, attuned and creative lens. By creating opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of plants/foods and medicines in their midst, practice place-based storytelling, and creatively reflect upon why those places are worth protecting, this program helps plant seeds among the next generation of potential land stewards.

6 - RosehipsProtecting a wee mushroom

The pictures tell the story of SOME of what’s happened to date. Highlights so far include plant-walks, tea-making and tasting circles, hands-on habitat restoration, and sea-side storytelling with folks like Nancy Turner, Amanda Bird, Dora Fitzgerald, Levi Wilson, Augie Sylvester and Karen Charlie.

Stay tuned for news of an inter-island feast that’s happening at the Galiano Learning Centre on the 21st of April. Sure to be a blast, this event will include wild treats cooked up in a traditional pit oven, geo-caching, a plant walk, an Indigenous tea-bar, and a screening of work by, for and about the Digital Foraging teams on both islands.


Thanks to the Victoria Foundation and the Province of BC for making this program possible. And heart-felt shout outs our community partners and creative collaborators for all of their to generous contributions to the richness of this program:

The Galiano Conservancy, The Galiano Food Program, Penelakut Island Elementary School (PIES), the Galiano Community School and Penelakut Health.

2.3 - Planting 2