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Our workshops balance creative processes, critical thinking, the analysis of complex problems, and the exploration of creative solutions. In addition to showcasing  youth-created videos, each workshop includes activities specifically designed to engage: hearts (empathy building + storytelling exercises), heads (refining critical thinking), hands (hands-on creation), and bodies (kinesthetic activities to ‘move through’ heavy emotions that can arise).


Storytelling is at the heart of HumanEYES, an intergenerational school-centred, arts-based initiative that celebrates the diverse life experience of young people in BC classrooms. Since January 2012, HumanEYES has engaged 30 teachers/classrooms, 485 elementary students, 260 elders and community members, and 35 artists in the Lower Mainland and on the southern Gulf Islands.

This program is currently closed!


A digital and social media after school program that integrates technology, art, and student-centered approaches to learning. #HerDigitalVisions helps young girls become leaders in creating safer, and more socially responsible online spaces.

#HerDigitalVisions is now accepting applications! Do you want to make a mark on the digital world? The Fall chapter of #HerDigitalVisions starts November 2, 2016 and runs every Wednesday in November. Be ready to make friends, learn, script, film, act, and edit video – but no experience necessary. Applications are due October 19th and applicants can expect to hear back no later than October 21st. 

Climate Matters

Climate Matters is a multi-phased initiative that uses digital media and geomapping to spark dialogue about climate justice within schools, communities and larger public institutions.

This program is currently closed!

Digital Forage

Digital Forage is a wild-food focused intergenerational digital storytelling program that involves the reciprocal sharing of knowledge between Galiano and Penelakut artists, elders, and youth. The elders share their specialized and ‘seasoned’ knowledge of food foraging, the artists share their knowledge of photography, digital storytelling and new media production, and finally the youth go ‘full circle’, and share their own emerging knowledge of new and social media with their elders.


A chapter of AMES’ #HerDigitalVisions program, #GirlsMakeGames is a FREE 4-day game-making boot-camp being offered to 8 self-identified women (cis, trans + genderqueer) between the ages of 19 and 29.

This program is currently closed!

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