We are pleased to announce that the BC Arts Council Early Career Development program is supporting AMES through a residency with Tricia Collins to develop Her Digital Visions.

Her Digital Visions is a social and digital media production program for girls age 11 – 13 that aims to prevent and respond to acts of cyber bullying and cyber misogyny. The program will give girls creative power via online and social media, offering them a platform to be proactive in responding to these issues. Her Digital Visions will build girls’ capacity to be tech-savvy changemakers who use the web for their own means. The project is partly inspired by the case of Amanda Todd, who committed suicide in 2012 due to cyberbullying, cybermisogyny and related personal struggles.


Her Digital Visions is by and for girls. The project will be directed  and produced by Tricia Collins and Deblekha Guin and will give girls the tools to creatively engage with social media. During the March spring break a small group of girls will create their own social media campaigns as well as simple apps. Working in tandem with UBC professor, and expert on Cyberbullying, Jenna Shapka and other Vancouver-based new media and technology mentors we will execute a pilot workshop in the spring of 2015. The workshop will focus on young women facing the damaging effects of social media on self-worth and personal power and we hope to expand on the pilot workshop with a larger program next summer.

group selfie