Social Change and Community

Development Through the Media Arts


Engaging youth who have endured various forms of oppression to
creatively reflect on social issues affecting them.

Our Programs


HumanEYES is an arts-based intergenerational storytelling program that highlights the diverse life experiences and migration stories in Vancouver classrooms, schools and communities. HumanEYES ultimately encourages us to see and more deeply appreciate each others humanity.

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Climate Matters

Climate Matters is a multi-phased initiative that uses digital media and geomapping to spark dialogue about climate justice within schools, communities and larger public institutions.
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Digital Forage

Digital Forage is a wild-food focused intergenerational digital storytelling program that involves the reciprocal sharing of knowledge between Galiano and Penelakut artists, elders, and youth. The elders share their specialized and ‘seasoned’ knowledge of food foraging, the artists share their knowledge of photography, digital storytelling and new media production, and finally the youth go ‘full circle’, and share their own emerging knowledge of new and social media with their elders.
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Latest News

Meet Our Staff Team!

Access to Media Education Society is run by a small and dynamic group of people committed to social justice and storytelling. Learn more about the people who make our programs so extraordinary. Deblekha Guin – Executive Director and Founder Deblekha founded AMES...
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#GirlsMakeGames: Girl-powered game-making

  A chapter of AMES’ #HerDigitalVisions program, #GirlsMakeGames is a FREE 4-day game-making boot-camp being offered to 8 self-identified women (cis, trans + genderqueer) between the ages of 19 and 29. Participants will gather on Galiano Island in late March 2016...
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HumanEYES 2016 at Strathcona Elementary School!

HumanEYES is an intergenerational arts-initiative that helps students creatively reflect on the diverse life experiences of their classmates.  “I didn’t know that people had the same experiences as I did at home”   HumanEYES workshops engage...
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Meet some of our Climate Matters Facilitators

Climate Matters Workshops are youth facilitated, indigenous-centred, arts-based workshops designed for BC students in grades 6-12.  What is Climate Justice? How can we ensure that indigenous communities and perspectives are at the center of climate change work? Meet...
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